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Multi-year nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) budgets were developed for the Patuxent River estuary, a seasonally stratified and moderately eutrophic tributary of Chesapeake Bay. Major inputs (point, diffuse, septic, and direct atmospheric) were measured for 13 years during which, large reductions in P and then lesser reductions in N-loading occurred due to(More)
BACKGROUND Major changes in climate have been observed in the Arctic and climate models predict further amplification of the enhanced greenhouse effect at high-latitudes leading to increased warming. We propose that warming in the Arctic may affect the annual growth conditions of the cold adapted Arctic charr and that such effects can already be detected(More)
Some of the contradictions in psychological research may be attributable to failure to distinguish statistical from clinical significance. 82 articles in which the MMPI was the research instrument were analyzed to see how often the results reported as significant were in fact large enough to warrant such a conclusion. Articles were classified as to whether(More)
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