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We have used human chromosome-specific painting probes for in situ hybridization on Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis, 2n = 6, 7) metaphase chromosomes to identify the homologous chromosome regions of the entire human chromosome set. Chromosome rearrangements that have been involved in the karyotype evolution of these two species belonging to(More)
The GLP-1 receptor on RINm5F cells is a glycoprotein with a M(r) of 63,000. Treatment of the receptor with glycopeptidase F generated a protein with a M(r) of 51,000, indicating that the GLP-1 receptor contains N-linked glycans. Tunicamycin pretreatment concentration-dependently decreased GLP-1 binding to RINm5F cells due to a decreased receptor number(More)
Amylin(1–8), a cyclic peptide consisting of the eight N-terminal amino acids of the 37-amino acid peptide amylin, has been shown to induce proliferation of primary osteoblasts and to induce bone formation in healthy male mice, whereas no data on efficacy in bone disease-related models have been reported. Therefore, we evaluated any effects of amylin(1–8) in(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is characterized by low grade inflammation and an altered secretion of inflammatory cytokines from the adipose tissue. Weight loss has shown to reduce inflammation; however, changes in cytokine profiles during massive weight loss are not well described. The present study explored the hypothesis that Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) reduces(More)
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