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This work addresses some of the implementation challenges for recent and future wireless communication systems. More specifically this paper describes a design methodology for design space exploration and implementation guidance and illustrates its practical usage and benefits by applying it to two sub-parts (i.e., the turbo-encoder and turbo-decoder) of(More)
Recommended by Markus Rupp This paper presents a metric-based approach for estimating the hardware implementation effort (in terms of time) for an application in relation to the number of linear-independent paths of its algorithms. We exploit the relation between the number of edges and linear-independent paths in an algorithm and the corresponding(More)
2 Preface This document contains the results of experiment on profiling the correlation algorithm on different architectures. We have included substantial background knowledge required to understand these experiments, however basic knowledge about Embedded Systems in expected. The reference is mentioned as numbers in chronological order. If you have any(More)
This paper presents a structured method and underlying models for estimating the hardware implementation effort of hard real-time constrained embedded systems. We propose an optimization model which takes some of the most common optimization techniques into account as well as the order in which they should be applied. We suggest a set of two metrics used to(More)
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