Rasmus Ørum Andersen

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We demonstrate experimentally that inference in a complex hybrid Dynamic Bayesian Network (DBN) is possible using the 2-Time Slice DBN (2T-DBN) from [Koller & Lerner, 2000] to model fault detection in a watertank system. In [Koller & Lerner, 2000] a generic Particle Filter (PF) is used for inference. We extend the experiment and perform approximate(More)
This thesis is a comprehensive comparative study of survival analysis methods, in particular the application of the Cox Proportional Hazards (CPH) model to real life data: A data set with 48 right-censored (end of study) patients suffering from multiple myeloma, and the COpenhagen Stroke study (COST) database with 993 right-censored (10 year follow-up)(More)
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