Rasmita Samal

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Stem cell therapy is a promising new option for patients suffering from heart failure. Though many clinical studies show encouraging results, little is known about the signals which cause stem cells to home to diseased but not to healthy hearts. We hypothesized that aldosterone as one of the main players of heart failure functions as an attractant for(More)
Resident cardiac progenitor cells have emerged as a potential source of adult stem cells for regeneration of damaged myocardium. Sca-1 cells, expressing Stem cell antigen-1 as a cell surface marker, are multipotent cells that were shown to differentiate into different cell types i.e. cardiomyocytes. Previous studies have reported that Sca-1 positive cells(More)
Cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs) trigger regenerative processes via paracrine mechanisms in response to changes in their environment. In the present study we explored alterations in the secretory activity of CPCs induced by raised aldosterone levels symptomatic for heart failure. The cytokine profile of the supernatant of CPCs that were treated with the(More)
AIMS Resident cardiac progenitor cells show homing properties when injected into the injured but not to the healthy myocardium. The molecular background behind this difference in behavior needs to be studied to elucidate how adult progenitor cells can restore cardiac function of the damaged myocardium. Since the brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)(More)
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