Rasmita Sahoo

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As the scaling of Si MOSFET approaches towards its limiting value, new alternatives are coming up to overcome these limitations. In this paper first we have reviewed carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET) and types of CNTFET. We have then studied the effect of channel length and chirality on the drain current for planer CNTFET. The Id~Vd curves(More)
We report detailed experimental studies on the rheology of cubic blue phases. We observe several flow regimes within each blue phase from rheomicroscopy and small angle light scattering experiments. Both the cubic blue phases exhibit solid-like response while the cholesteric phase shows gel-like behavior. The elastic modulus of BP-I is larger than that of(More)
We report studies on the rheological properties of a liquid crystalline analog of Abrikosov phase in type-II superconductors known as twist-grain-boundary-A (TGB(A)) phase. The TGB(A) phase shows a large apparent yield stress compared to the cholesteric (N*) phase. The storage modulus (G') of the TGB(A) phase is significantly larger than the loss modulus(More)
We report the first experimental studies on the temperature dependence of viscoelastic properties of a room temperature discotic nematic liquid crystal. The splay elastic constant is greater than the bend elastic constant and both show unusual temperature and order parameter dependence. The rotational viscosity is remarkably larger than conventional(More)
We report experimental studies on the rheology of a few nematic liquid crystals with highly polar molecules (CCH-7, PCH-7, CB-7). The selected molecules have the same alkyl chain (-C(7)H(15)) and cyano (-CN) end group. In the core part of the molecule, CCH-7 has two cyclohexane rings, PCH-7 has one cyclohexane and one aromatic ring, and CB-7 has two(More)
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