Rasika Mujumdar

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Following the lead given by Albert Szent-Györgyi's bioelectronic theory of cancer, work was continued in two major directions: (i) designing new electrophilic molecules, related to methylglyoxal, and (ii) using L-ascorbic acid as a (non-toxic) carrier for methylglyoxal and its derivatives in the form of its acetals. The vinylogue of methylglyoxal,(More)
Estimation of stature from a single extremity bone is a common forensic practice and many regression equations are given by various workers. In India, Pearson's formula is the most commonly used method to determine the height. These regression equations were subjected to verification on 194 (97 pairs) femora and 102 (51 pairs) humeri from India. It was seen(More)
identification of swaras and ragas in an Indian classical harmonium recital. Swaras are musical notes which are produced by pressing any key of the harmonium (an instrument analogous to the piano). Ragas are melodic combinations of swaras which capture the mood and emotions of the performance. We first deal with the segmentation of the audio signal by using(More)
In Szent-Györgyi's search for alpha-dicarbonyl compounds that play an important role in cell regulation, 3-desoxyglucosulose was isolated first from liver but did not prove active. Methylglyoxal came next, however, its toxicity prompted Szent-Györgyi to suggest a combination with ascorbic acid which, indeed led to immunopotentiating enediol acetals although(More)
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