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With the recent comprehensive mapping of cancer genomes, there is now a need for functional approaches to edit the aberrant epigenetic state of key cancer drivers to reprogram the epi-pathology of the disease. In this study we utilized a programmable DNA-binding methyltransferase to induce targeted incorporation of DNA methylation (DNAme) in the SOX2(More)
In this paper, we establish a coincidence and a common fixed point for a pair of weakly compatible mappings under (ψ, ϕ)-weakly contractive condition in G-metric spaces. Our results improve and generalize the results of Khandaqji et al. [20]. We also provide an example to support our results. Moreover, we prove that these mappings satisfy Property Q.
In this paper we prove some common fixed point theorems for family of occasionally weakly compatible mappings in Menger space. Also improvement of the results of B. D. Pant and Sunny Chauhan [1] under relaxed conditions is given. INTRODUCTION The concept of probabilistic metric space was first introduced and studied by Menger [2]. It is a probabilistic(More)