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A semi-automatic SAR sea ice classification algorithm is described. It is based on combining the information in the original SAR data with those in the three 'image' products derived from it, namely Power-to-Mean Ratio (PMR), the Gamma distribution and the second order texture parameter entropy, respectively. The latter products contain information which is(More)
Nine Triticum durum — T. monococcum amphiploids (AABBAmAm) were synthesized by chromosome doubling of sterile triploid F1 hybrids involving nine T. durum (AABB) cultivars and a T. monococcum (AmAm) line. The triploid F1 hybrids had a range of 4–7 bivalents and 7–13 univalents per PMC. The synthetic amphiploids, however, showed a high degree of preferential(More)
Fresh cane Juice of 16 varieties /genotypes and their jaggery (gur) were assessed for quality traits. Extraction % juice was maximum and ranged from 52.4 to 60.0% and quality of juice was the best at the end of February having sucrose >;17%, purity >84% and reducing sugars contents % 0.29% for high quality jaggery production. Jaggery recovery of the(More)
Alcohol production potential of six sugarcane varieties of different maturity groups (CoJ 83, CoJ 85, CoJ 82, CoJ 84, CoJ 88 and Col 148) were evaluated in both the plant and ratoon crops at PAU, SRS, Jalandhar, India. CoJ 88 was found to be the best variety having best combination of juice quality (CCS % = 13.42 & 13.85 and alcohol production L/t(More)
A small scale honey dehydrator has been designed, developed, and tested to reduce moisture content of honey below 17 %. Experiments have been conducted for honey dehydration by using drying air at ambient temperature, 30 and 40 °C and water at 35, 40 and 45 °C. In this dehydrator, hot water has been circulated in a water jacket around the honey container to(More)
A desiccant seed dryer has been developed to dry seed in deep bed at safe temperatures for good shelf life and germination. The dryer consists of two chambers viz., air conditioning control unit and seed drying chamber. It operates in seed drying mode and desiccant regeneration mode. It has provision for recirculation of the drying air to minimise the(More)
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