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The antifertility activity of organoantimony(III) complexes PhSb[RC(NC(6)H(4)S)CH(2)(NC(6)H(4)S)CR'] {R' = CH(3) (R(1)) and R = R' = CF(3) (R(2))} derived from corresponding sterically hinlered bifuinctional tetradentate ligands in the male rats was determined. The administration of compounds R(1) and R(2) at the dose level of 20 mg/kg. b. wt.(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) provides free diagnostic and treatment services to all tuberculosis (TB) patients registered under it. Equitable access, implying a preference for the most hard-to-reach groups particularly for tribal areas, is a major concern for RNTCP. This study was conducted to assess(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Health literacy on tuberculosis (TB) is an understanding about TB to perform activities with regard to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. We undertook a study to assess the health literacy on TB among one of the vulnerable tribal groups (Saharia) in central India. METHODS In this cross-sectional study, 2721 individuals aged >15(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The information on multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) situation amongst Saharia, one of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) in Madhya Pradesh, India, is not available. Hence, this study was undertaken to find the situation of MDR-TB amongst Saharia PVTG in two districts of Madhya Pradesh. METHODS Community(More)
One hundred forty eight accessions of Indian mustard collected from 9 different agro-ecological zones covering 17 states of India were evaluated for 15 quantitative traits during the year 2012 and 2013. These accessions showed presence of highest variation for 1000 seed weight (coefficient of variation 48.57 %) while for other traits mean coefficient of(More)
INTRODUCTION Adolescents are considered to be a nutritionally vulnerable segment of the population. There is a greater need to look into the nutritional status of adolescents but unfortunately, precise estimates of their dietary intake, dietary practices as well as nutritional deficiencies have been the least explored area. The general objective for(More)
INTRODUCTION The health of the elderly will be an important issue defining the health status of a population. With the rise in aged population, there is a greater need to look into their physical disability aspects, which is otherwise neglected. The rationale behind the study is to assess the physical disability of the elderly living in rural area of(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Several diabetes prevention programmes have demonstrated a reduction in incidence of diabetes in individuals with prediabetes through weight loss. Short-term yoga-based lifestyle intervention programmes have also been shown to be efficacious in weight loss. This study was undertaken to investigate if interleukin (IL)-6, vitamin D,(More)
A survey was conducted in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts of Garhwal division of Uttarakhand state to assess morphological and biochemical diversity of Hippophae salicifolia, which is widely distributed at an altitude of 2,229–3,287 m asl. Sixteen naturally growing populations selected for the study showed wide variation among qualitative(More)