Rashmi Vijayaraghavan

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The phenotypic and agar degrading features of an unidentified marine bacteria was investigated. The strain was Gram-negative, obligatory aerobic and non motile. On the basis of several morphological features and a phylogenetic analysis of the genes coding for the 16S rDNA, this strain was identified as Microbulbifer maritimus. On solid agar medium, this(More)
With a view to ascertaining the possible role of water content of the cells in the reported elevated values for proton spin-lattice relaxation time (T1) in malignant tissues, measurements of percent water content as well as T1 were undertaken in 68 cases of normal and concerous tissues from diverse sites in human patients. T1 values for the uninvolved(More)
Since 1985, when Heyliger et al. first reported the in vivo insulin mimetic activity of oral vanadate, extensive studies exploring vanadium chemistry, including the synthesis of novel complexes and their biological effects both in vitro and in vivo have been pursued. Such complexes have emerged as possible potential agents for diabetes therapy. Among the(More)
Cyanobacterial diazotrophs play a significant role in environmental nitrogen economy despite their habitat either tropical or polar. However, the phenomenon by which it copes with temperature induced stress is poorly understood. Temperature response study of psychrophilic and mesophilic Nostoc strains explores their adaptive mechanisms. The selected(More)
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