Rashmi Singh

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OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the involvement of the female genital tract and its functional consequences on menstrual and sexual aspects in systemic sclerosis. STUDY DESIGN Sixty women with systemic sclerosis and 23 age- and disease duration-matched women with either rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus were surveyed with a(More)
AIMS Retroperitoneal laparoscopic hemi-nephrectomy (RLHN) is a well tolerated, minimally invasive, although technically demanding, procedure for children with a non-functioning moiety in a duplex kidney. There is very little published data on the long-term follow up of such patients. We collected data to assess outcomes from our experience. METHODS Data(More)
In this paper, we propose novel algorithmic models based on feature transformation in cross-modal subspace and their multimodal fusion for different types of residue features extracted from several intra-frame and inter frame pixel sub-blocks in video sequences for detecting digital video tampering or forgery. An evaluation of proposed residue features(More)
The prevalence of individuals with or at risk for HIV infection in prisons and jails is severalfold higher than age-adjusted rates in surrounding communities. This HIV serosurvey of 975 newly sentenced male prisoners employed a new methodology that anonymously linked individual information to HIV serologic data. The HIV prevalence was 6.1%; multivariate(More)
The standard treatment for pelviureteric junction obstruction (PUJO) has been dismembered pyeloplasty. The open surgical, Hellström procedure in which crossing polar vessels are relocated, has been an option in adult urological practice. We present our experience with laparoscopic vascular relocation in children. Data were retrospectively gathered on all(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Platelet rich fibrin is widely used in stimulation and acceleration of soft tissue and bone healing because of local and continuous delivery of growth factors and proteins, mimicking the needs of the physiological wound healing and reparative tissue processes. This article will serve to introduce a second generation platelet concentrate,(More)
Antenatal detection of congenital pulmonary airway malformations (CPAM) has improved immeasurably from its initial application in the 1980s and probably encompasses >80% of all such lesions. Accurate diagnosis still remains less reliable and definitive diagnosis requires detailed anatomical imaging (typically with CT scan) in the post-natal period. About(More)
As our population ages, diseases affecting memory and daily functioning will affect an increasing number of individuals, their families and the healthcare system. Therefore, there is a need to study and evaluate effects of certain conditions for anti-aging of the brain. Nutrient supplementation can modify the brain function. The chemistry and function of(More)