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Despite the vast exploration of rhizospheric microbial wealth for crop yield enhancement, knowledge about the efficacy of microbial agents as biocontrol weapons against root-knot disease is scarce, especially in medicinal plants, viz., Bacopa monnieri. In the present investigation, rhizospheric microbes, viz., Bacillus megaterium, Glomus intraradices,(More)
Allozyme analysis was used to assess genetic variability in tephritid fruit fly Bactrocera diversa and B. zonata. In our experimental conditions, allozyme analysis at twelve enzyme loci scores twenty one putative alleles. The amount of mean observed heterozygosity (H O) was 0.22 and 0.28 and amount of mean expected heterozygosity (H E) was 0.28 and 0.37, in(More)
Aging is associated with a decline in peripheral nerve function of both motor and sensory nerves. The decline in function of peripheral sensorimotor nerves with aging has been linked to sarcopenia, the age-related decline in muscle mass and function that significantly compromises the quality of life in older humans. In this study, we report a significant(More)
The proposed paper focus on developing a low cost and easy handling temperature monitoring system, based on radio frequency for wireless data transmission. The wireless system module architecture consists of a power supply, a sensor and a main node system mainly based on wireless radio frequency (RF) technology. The benefits of this system are low cost,(More)
The San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Conferences have attracted international speakers and participants since 1995. This annual conference, held in Bandera, Texas, addresses a different topic in the biology of aging each year. The venue's intimate setting, relatively remote location and common areas are ideal for a small conference (80Á100 participants)(More)
Multilocus enzyme electrophoresis data from 14 orthologous loci (25 alleles) were used to infer the genetic variation between the two Tephritidae species, Bactrocera (Dacus) cucurbitae and B. (D.) dorsalis, which are common pests of vegetables and fruits in India. Out of fourteen loci analyzed, seven loci were polymorphic in B. cucurbitae and nine loci were(More)
The International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences (IJPBS) is an international journal published quarterly. The Aim of IJPBS is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles in less time without much delay in the developing field of Pharmaceutical and Biological sciences. One week from the date of manuscript submission author gets the decision of(More)
Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) is a neurodegenerative mitochondrial disease characterized by retinal ganglionic cell death and eventual loss of central vision. Specific mtDNA mutations in respiratory complex I subunits (ND4/ND6/ND1) coding genes have been identified in most of LHON patients, and these mutations have been shown to cause(More)
Withania somnifera L. is an important medicinal plant, well renowned for its immense therapeutic potential. The increasing concern and awareness for natural products has enforced the growers to maintain a proper balance between demand and supply without compromising with the quality and quantity. The major constrain faced by W. somnifera cultivation is(More)
Cyanobacteria are one of the most ancient life forms present today. This phylum of organisms is capable of photosynthesis, and they depend on solar radiation for their survival. They are found under diverse climatic conditions where ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage cellular machinery. In order to be protected from harmful radiation, many cyanobacteria(More)