Rashmi Sharma

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In Distributed System before task scheduling the assignment of tasks has to be done. Tasks are allocated to processors and task assignment heuristics are based on computation and communication cost. In order to minimize this communication cost between tasks optimal assignment of tasks has to be worked out. In this paper Task Duplication (TD) concept is used(More)
A collection of 50 rhizospheric and 43 endorhizospheric bacteria was obtained from Podophyllum hexandrum grown in high hills of Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh, India and subjected to replica plating for one step screening of plant growth promoting (PGP) traits. After replica plating, 41 bacterial isolates simultaneously growing on Pikovskaya’s, Chrome-azurol-S,(More)
—The possibility of predicting ocean-surface wind field a few days ahead from satellite scatterometer observations in the Arabian Sea has been explored in this paper. The prediction technique is based on a combination of empirical orthogonal function (EOF) analysis and genetic algorithm (GA). The space-time distributed satellite data (zonal or meridional(More)
Task Migration concept is used to rise above the overloading problem, with load balancing among nodes of the Distributed System. There are various strategies suggested by many researchers for the task migration. For the advanced organization of tasks, one more strategy with task duplication has been proposed here. We try to minimize the chances of(More)
—Assimilation of drifter data in a circulation model of the Indian Ocean has been explored in the study. Assimilation has been effected using the approach of nudging. The impact of such assimilation has been quantified by comparing the sea level anomalies simulated in runs with and without assimilation against independent observations derived by satellites.(More)
Earliest deadline first and Rate Monotonic are the two well-known scheduling algorithms to meet the deadlines for task in RTS. For single processor, these tasks work well but for more than one node, overloading in utilization usually creates problem. Task migration and duplication are those two concepts that balance the load of distributed system due to(More)
There are various states of affairs in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Thermodynamics and Image processing, which illustrates the maximum entropy model (MEM) at different levels. An application of the principle of maximum entropy for approximation of fundamental probability distribution can depend on the variables that used for recitation of system. In(More)
AIM Develop and pilot test evidence-based resources for general practice training practices to enhance older patients' (65+ years) interactions with General Practice Registrars (GPRs). BACKGROUND In Australia, general practice trainees, referred to as GPRs, see fewer older patients and patients with chronic conditions than doctors who have completed their(More)