Rashmi Sharma

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BACKGROUND Hair pigmentation is one of the most conspicuous phenotypes in humans ranging from black, brown, and blonde to red. Premature graying of hair occurs more commonly without any underlying pathology but is said to be inherited in autosomal dominant pattern. Premature graying has been shown to be associated with a few of the autoimmune disorders. A(More)
—The possibility of predicting ocean-surface wind field a few days ahead from satellite scatterometer observations in the Arabian Sea has been explored in this paper. The prediction technique is based on a combination of empirical orthogonal function (EOF) analysis and genetic algorithm (GA). The space-time distributed satellite data (zonal or meridional(More)
A collection of 50 rhizospheric and 43 endorhizospheric bacteria was obtained from Podophyllum hexandrum grown in high hills of Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh, India and subjected to replica plating for one step screening of plant growth promoting (PGP) traits. After replica plating, 41 bacterial isolates simultaneously growing on Pikovskaya’s, Chrome-azurol-S,(More)
The Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) is a trade union organisation and a leading micro-finance institution in India. It has worked with poor, self-employed women workers for over 30 years and has successfully organised and enabled over 700,000 women to attain full employment, self-reliance, and economic and social security. SEWA has developed and(More)
—Assimilation of drifter data in a circulation model of the Indian Ocean has been explored in the study. Assimilation has been effected using the approach of nudging. The impact of such assimilation has been quantified by comparing the sea level anomalies simulated in runs with and without assimilation against independent observations derived by satellites.(More)
Screening for EGFR mutation is a key molecular test for management of lung cancer patients. Outcome of patients with mutation receiving EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor is known to be better across different ethnic populations. However, frequency of EGFR mutations and the clinical response in most other ethnic populations, including India, remains to be(More)
This report is the result of an exploratory study undertaken by SEWA Academy in partnership with the Population Council to better understand the savings patterns among adolescent girls and young women; the barriers they face in saving; and the control they exercise in operating the account and determining the use of their savings. It also highlights the(More)
RESEARCH QUESTION What is the immunization status of children in the slums of Surat and what changes has it undergone in recent times? OBJECTIVE To assess the immunization status of children between the ages of 12 and 23 months in the slums of Surat and to compare it with the MICS from previous years. STUDY DESIGN This was a community-based(More)