Rashmi Phalnikar

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The necessity of finding right skilled people, sharing resource and limitation on cost has made distributed software development indispensable. In a distributed development project, but are working collaboratively toward the outcome. Such offshore service providers follow the traditional process models. Agile practices promote development iterations, open(More)
Globalization of software development enables multiple teams residing in cities and countries to work together in a networked distributed fashion. However, the diversity between the software teams, their members, team leaders and managers can give rise to several practical problems and unidentified issues. The diversity arises due to lack of face to face(More)
Data mining is a field which searches for interesting knowledge or information from existing massive collection of data. In particular, algorithms like Apriori help a researcher to understand the potential knowledge, deep inside the data base. But due to the large time consumed by Apriori to find the frequent item sets and generate rules, several(More)
— Consideration of QoS values for accurate web service Selection process has been highlighted in our previous survey paper. Further to that work, we claim that the best performance can be achieved by considering both functional and QoS properties. In this paper, we highlight the application of ontology to represent the non-functional requirements in web(More)
User satisfaction is recognized as an important contributor to the success of software applications. It is subjective and influenced by several factors that are linked to the non-functional requirements. Although non-functional requirements provide good criteria for selection of web service in Service-Oriented Architecture, specifying them during the(More)
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple text format which was designed to describe data using custom tags. The use of custom tags makes XML extremely flexible and enables it to not only describe structured data like information from a table of relational database but also semi-structured data. An XML document is self-describing which has made it a(More)
As searching methods have advanced the increased risk of privacy disclosure makes it important to protect privacy of user during data publishing. Many of the algorithms used for the data de-identification are not efficient because resulted dataset can easily linked with the public database and it reveals the users identity. One of the method uses for(More)
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