Rashmi Nanda

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of the Thesis DSP Architecture Optimization in MATLAB/Simulink Environment by Rashmi Nanda Master of Science in Electrical Engineering University of California, Los Angeles, 2008 Professor Dejan Markovic, Chair Architectural optimization has traditionally been a heuristic process involving multiple iterations before the design converges to the desired(More)
Two hundred patients (156 women) with the irritable bowel syndrome were treated with dietary exclusion for three weeks. Of the 189 who completed this study, 91 (48.2%) showed symptomatic improvement. Subsequent challenge with individual foods showed that 73 of these 91 responders were able to identify one or more food intolerances and 72 remained well on a(More)
PURPOSE Surgical outcome data are generally reported as raw morbidity and mortality rates, which do not necessarily reflect quality of surgical care. The Society for Vascular Surgery has led this area with recommendations by the Ad Hoc Committee on Reporting Standards to establish standardized methods of outcome assessment in vascular surgery. The purpose(More)
Esophageal cancer often leads to total or near-total dysphagia, necessitating placement of nasogastric tubes for nutritional support. In patients with failed blind intubation or even failed fluoroscopic-guided tube placement, endoscopic guidance has a role to play. The catheter-over-guidewire technique is simple, safe, and easy to use. Over a period of 3(More)
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