Rashmi Krishnappa

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Lymphoma of the salivary gland accounts for 5% of cases of extranodal lymphoma and 10% of malignant salivary gland tumors. Most primary salivary gland lymphomas are B marginal zone lymphomas arising on a background of sialadenitis associated with an autoimmune disorder such as Sjorgen's syndrome. This report describes a case of primary B-cell lymphoma(More)
BACKGROUND The swine flu (H1N1) with rapid spread and panic in population is truly global pandemic, affected mainly younger population. There is need to accumulate evidence regarding patient's intensive care parameters for effective management of newer strains of influenza viral infections. Hence an observed retrospective record analysis of confirmed H1N1(More)
Hypopharyngeal cancers are uncommon. The management of advanced hypopharyngeal carcinomas has been a difficult problem. Surgical resection has been more successful. While many surgical methods have been used and reported pharyngolaryngo esophagectomy with gastric pull up remains the best option. This study documents our experience with patients who(More)
AIM To review the clinical experience on pheochromocytoma in Indian subset of patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten patients diagnosed with pheochromocytoma between 2001 and 2010 at our institute were retrospectively studied for clinical, laboratory, radiological and surgical data. RESULTS A total of 10 patients (5 females and 5 males) aged between 23 and(More)
OBJECTIVE Changes in the microbial flora on the oral mucosa after cancerous alteration may lead to both local and systemic infections. In this study, we assessed the microbial flora associated with the surfaces of oral squamous cell carcinoma. A comparative evaluation of these microbial contents was made with that of the contralateral healthy mucosa and(More)
Background: The prevalence of primary and secondary glomerular diseases presenting as nephrotic syndrome (NS) varies according to the demography, renal biopsy practice and geographic location. To determine the morphological patterns of glomerular lesions in renal biopsies from patients manifesting with NS, in our local (South Indian) population. Methods:(More)
A 43-year-old male living in Bengaluru sought emergency services due to high-grade fever, headache, myalgia, abdominal pain and distension. Platelet count (except the first-96,000/mm(3)) and coagulation profile was in normal limits. The dengue serology was positive for IgM and Ig G (immunoglobulin M and G) antibodies. Ultrasound abdomen showed gross(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer of the male breast accounts for about 1% of all malignancies in men and 1% of all breast cancers. Poor level of awareness often results in late presentation and delayed diagnosis in our environment. This study was done to analyse the demographic data, management and survival of male breast cancers in Indian subset of patients and compare(More)
BACKGROUND Cutaneous melanoma (CM) has a high propensity for regional and systemic spread. This is one of the largest series of CM reported from India. AIMS To predict factors for loco regional recurrence (LRR) and distant metastasis in patients with CM primarily treated with surgery. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of patient database at a tertiary(More)
The growth in periampullary region needs proper evaluation as they can arise from duodenum, pancreas and extra hepatic biliary tree. We have reported a case of adenocarcinoid of duodenum presenting as periampullary growth with obstructive jaundice. Histologically, tumor displayed biphasic pattern, i.e. tubuloglandular architecture with admixed sheets of(More)