Rashmi Krishnamurthy

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abStraCt Preparing public administration students for complex challenges that involve high uncertainty, stakeholder interdependencies, policy resistance, and slow feedback cycles presents unique challenges for educators. Those in the field of public administration and public policy can broaden their educational toolbox by embracing new technologies for(More)
Complex social challenges coupled with crippling financial resources have increased the need for collaboration at the local government level. In this research, I examine the factors that influence the use of social media for intra-agency collaboration in local governments in the US. Using survey of local governments in the US conducted in 2012 by the Center(More)
Topical latanoprost is a most effective and commonly used antiglaucoma medication. Use of prostaglandin analogues (PGA) in the early postoperative period is controversial due to its proinflammatory properties. We report a case of a 64-year-old man with primary open angle glaucoma, post-trabeculectomy 17 years prior, with good intraocular pressure (IOP)(More)
PURPOSE This case report describes the surgical technique of trabeculectomy, mechanical separation of the iris from the cornea, and creation of a pupillary aperture by an automated vitrector in a child with newborn glaucoma with imperforate pupil. CASE REPORT A 1-month-old child was referred to us with the diagnosis of congenital glaucoma of the left eye.(More)
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