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Gelatinous marrow transformation (GMT) is an uncommon and poorly recognized condition characterized by deposition of seromucinous gelatinous material in the bone marrow stroma. Forty-three cases of GMT were studied in a period of 4 years. There was male preponderance. Fourteen cases were in pediatric age group (less than 12 years). Majority of patients had(More)
We report a case of 40-year-old female who presented with diminution of vision in both eyes. Ocular evaluation showed presence of bilateral megalocornea with deep anterior chamber, iridodonesis, cataract, and anterior embryotoxon. She was diagnosed with bilateral anterior megalophthalmos. She underwent an uneventful cataract extraction with standard(More)
Purpose: To compare the Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) measurements obtained by Applanation Tonometer (AT) & Rebound Tonometer (RT). Methods: The Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) corrected IOP of 100 eyes were measured using first with RT (I Care) followed by AT (GAT). Results were compared statistically using Bland –Altman plot & Deming’s regression analysis.(More)
A 50-year-old male who presented with bilateral keratomalacia and on subsequent evaluation was found to be human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive is being reported. A MEDLINE search of the literature did not reveal any report of keratomalacia as the initial presenting feature of HIV/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
A 42 year old male presented with painless soft tissue mass 8x7x6.5 cm in right scapular region for 2 months. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) showed a malignant clear cell tumour. Ultrasonography (USG) abdomen revealed a heterogeneous mass m 8.6x7x8.4 at the lower pole of left kidney. USG guided FNAC from left kidney mass showed cytomorphology(More)
Insular carcinoma of thyroid (ICT) is a rare tumor, which accounts for 4-6% of thyroid malignancies. ICT arising from follicular cells of thyroid shows a characteristic insular growth pattern characterized by solid nests of tumor cells separated by vessels. A 52-year-old female presented with a huge swelling in midline of the neck with retrosternal(More)
Solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm (SPENP) of the pancreas is a rare pancreatic tumour of low malignant potential, that is seen mostly in young females. The aetiology and pathogenesis is unclear but it is considered to be arising from primordial pancreatic cells. We report two cases of SPENP who had palpable abdominal lumps and were diagnosed on(More)
The perioperative course of the patients who have undergone coronary stent placement was studied. These patients were on dual antiplatelet therapy and were posted for noncardiac surgery. Clopidogrel had been discontinued for a variable duration before noncardiac surgery. Thromboelastography (TEG) was performed preoperatively to assess their fitness for(More)
Purpose: To compare the Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) measurements obtained by Ultrasound Pachymeter (USP) & Ultrasound Biomicroscope (UBM). Methods: The study CCT measurements of 60 eyes was measured using first with UBM followed by USP. Results were compared statistically using Bland –Altman plots & Deming’s regression analysis Results: Scatter plot(More)
Acute rejection remains associated with poor graft outcome. An early predictor of acute renal transplant rejection is the long sought after goal for transplant immunologists. In this study we measured levels of serum neopterin at day 5 post-transplant in a cohort of 216 consecutive renal allograft recipients, and compared this with serum creatinine and(More)