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SPI: an instrumentation development environment for parallel/distributed systems
This paper presents an overview of the Scalable Parallel Instrumentation (SPI) tool being developed at Honeywell. Expand
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Selective N-deacylation of N,O-protected nucleosides by zinc bromide
Abstract N-Acyl protecting group in nucleoside derivatives can be selectively removed by treatment with zinc bromide in the presence of alcohols to give O-protected nucleosides.
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Avionics System Performance Management
Abstract : Performance management includes the methods and technologies used to develop and assure the timing behavior of real-time systems. The reasons for improved performance management includeExpand
Programming and development environments for configurable computing systems
The ADAPTERS effort is addressing these challenges by focusing on three technology areas: (1) a unified data flow programming environment, (2) hardware/software partitioning and mapping tool, along with a system level modeling tool, and (3) a dynamic reconfiguration run-time environment for FPGAs. Expand