Rashmi Bajaj

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Optimal scheduling of parallel tasks with some precedence relationship, onto a parallel machine is known to be NP-complete. The complexity of the problem increases when task scheduling is to be done in a heterogeneous environment, where the processors in the network may not be identical and take different amounts of time to execute the same task. We(More)
Evolution in transportation technology makes the necessity for increasing passenger safety. Today women safety is more important when they are travelling in public transport. So we want a tracking system for passengers so that we can monitor at anytime from anywhere. Mostly passenger tracking systems are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based but they(More)
Wireless communication provides network access free of the limitations of wired networks. However, some emerging applications with high bandwidth requirements and delay constraints, such as real-time video-on-demand and IPTV, suffer poor performance due to the high compression rate of video frames and/or high packet loss rate in the wireless access(More)
Due to the rise and rapid growth of E-Commerce, use of credit cards for online purchases has dramatically increased and it caused an explosion in the credit card fraud. In an era of digitalization, credit card fraud detection is of great importance to financial institutions. In this paper, we analyze credit card fraud detection using different techniques :(More)
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