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An accurate charge control model for spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization dependent two-dimensional electron gas sheet charge density of lattice-mismatched AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
Abstract The present paper proposes an improved charge control model of lattice-mismatched AlGaN/GaN HEMTs, valid over the entire operating region. The model for estimation of two-dimensionalExpand
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Broad-band frequency characterization of double Y-branch nanojunction operating as room-temperature RF to DC rectifier
Room-temperature dc and broad-band high-frequency (HF) to dc conversion measurements of a double Y-branch junction (YBJ) are presented and discussed. Nonlinear dc characteristics of the devices atExpand
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6-T SRAM cell design with nanoscale double-gate SOI MOSFETs: impact of source/drain engineering and circuit topology
The impact of source/drain engineering on the performance of a six-transistor (6-T) static random access memory (SRAM) cell, based on 22 nm double-gate (DG) SOI MOSFETs, has been analyzed usingExpand
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Negative Differential Transconductance and Nonreciprocal Effects in a Y-Branch Nanojunction: High-Frequency Analysis
We report on negative differential transconductance (NDT) effect in Y-branch nanojunctions which leads to small-signal nonreciprocity of the device for certain biasing schemes. We present the dcExpand
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Theoretical and experimental characterization of Y-branch nanojunction rectifier up to 94 GHz
A double Y-branch ballistic junction is proposed for rectification of signals up to 94 GHz. A nonlinear model is developed to predict the frequency dependence of its RF to DC conversion performances,Expand
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Design and optimization of thin film fully depleted vertical surrounding gate (VSG) MOSFETs for enhanced short channel immunity
Abstract A criterion is developed to select the ratio of silicon film thickness to gate oxide thickness between two limits to set the threshold voltage independent of channel length. The concept ofExpand
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A new, rugged, precise and accurate gravimetry method for the determination of silver in various silver materials
A new, rugged, precise and accurate gravimetric method has been developed for the determination of silver in various silver bearing materials. Several gravimetry and instrumental methods have beenExpand
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Nanoscaled double Y-branch junction operating as room temperature RF to DC rectifier
Room temperature DC and broadband HF measurements of a double Y-branch junction are presented and discussed. Nonlinear DC characteristics of the devices at room temperature are observed and HF to DCExpand
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Solutions for input impedance matching of nanodevices: Application to Y-Branch Junction HF to DC rectifier
The problem of high input impedance of nanoscaled devices is analyzed for the case of a Y-Branch Junction. An electrical nonlinear model of YBJs validated on measured data is used to show influenceExpand
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X-ray powder diffraction study of ZnGa 2 Te 4
ZnGa 2 Te 4 was found to crystallize in a defect tetrahedral structure with possible space group I 4 (82) with Z =2. Complete X-ray powder diffraction data were obtained and the unit cell parametersExpand
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