Rashied Amini

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This paper presents an equivalent circuit model with complex numbers that describes the free stator model of traveling-wave ultrasonic motors. The mechanical, dielectric, and piezoelectric losses associated with the vibrator are considered by introducing the imaginary part to the equivalent circuit elements. The determination of the complex circuit elements(More)
In this paper, a new method for equivalent circuit modeling of a traveling wave ultrasonic motor is presented. The free stator of the motor is modeled by an equivalent circuit containing complex circuit elements. A systematic approach for identifying the elements of the equivalent circuit is suggested which uses the admittance measurement of the free(More)
A design reference mission (MASER - Meteorology and Seismology Enabled by Radioisotopes) for a Mars mini-network is presented. Four hard landers using parachutes and crushable impact attenuators would be deployed in the polar plains north of the Tharsis bulge to perform seismic and meteorological measurements throughout a Martian year (including the dark(More)
This paper describes the Polarization Spectroscopic Telescope Array (PolSTAR), a mission proposed to NASA’s 2014 Small Explorer (SMEX) announcement of opportunity. PolSTAR measures the linear polarization of 3-50 keV (requirement; goal: 2.5-70 keV) X-rays probing the behavior of matter, radiation and the very fabric of spacetime under the extreme conditions(More)
The prospect of finding love may be scary but the prospect of committing to a relationship for the rest of your life is almost certainly scary. The secretary problem is a parallel to romantic decision making where an individual decides when to be satisfied with a selection choice in the face of uncertain future options. However, the secretary problem and(More)
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