Rashid Mehmood

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Symbolic approaches to the analysis of Markov models, i.e. those that use BDD-based data structures, have proved to be an effective method of combating the state space explosion problem. One such example is the use of offset-labelled MTBDDs (multi-terminal BDDs). However, a major disadvantage of this data structure is that it cannot be used with efficient(More)
Clustering by fast search and find of density peaks (CFSFDP) is proposed to cluster the data by finding of density peaks. CFSFDP is based on two assumptions that: a cluster center is a high dense data point as compared to its surrounding neighbors, and it lies at a large distance from other cluster centers. Based on these assumptions, CFSFDP supports a(More)
Web warehouse (WWh) has overcome the geographical dependencies of data warehouse. With the rapid development of WWh, decision makers (humans) and intelligent devices are able to remotely retrieve the information for supporting the effective decision-making process. This paper presents a secure Web service-oriented architecture of the WWh. The proposed(More)
The present analysis deals with flow and heat transfer aspects of a micropolar nanofluid between two horizontal parallel plates in a rotating system. The governing partial differential equations for momentum, energy, micro rotation and nano-particles concentration are presented. Similarity transformations are utilized to convert the system of partial(More)
— Developing applications for parallel and distributed systems is hard due to their nondeterministic nature; developing debugging tools for such systems and applications is even harder. A number of distributed debugging tools and techniques exist; however, we believe that they lack the infrastructure to scale to large-scale distributed systems, systems with(More)
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