Rashid H. Merchant

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BACKGROUND The clinical and hematological response to hydroxyurea was evaluated in beta thalassemia patients in western India with variable clinical severity and correlated with genetic factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy-nine patients-[38-beta thalassemia intermedia-(group I), 41-beta thalassemia major-(group II)] on hydroxyurea therapy were(More)
Our objectives were to determine the accuracy of antenatal sonography for the detection of congenital renal malformations and to characterize the type of malformations, seen in a 3-year prospective study at a university-affiliated maternity hospital. Participants were 31,217 pregnant women, during the study period, and subjects were 65 fetuses in whom renal(More)
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, also known as myositis ossificans progressiva, is characterized by congenital skeletal malformations and progressive ectopic bone formation in connective tissues. The disorder presents as rapidly growing masses usually in the neck or paraspinal region with stiffness in the adjoining joints. The preosseous lesions(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the clinical profile of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in children. DESIGN Prospective. SETTING HIV clinic at a pediatric tertiary care center in an urban metropolis. METHODS From August 1994 onwards, 285 HIV positive children were referred to the HIV clinic. These included those intramural deliveries born to HIV(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of an interventional regime to reduce the perinatal mode of transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). DESIGN Prospective. SETTING Perinatal HIV clinic at a university affiliated maternity hospital. SUBJECT & METHODS After adequate counseling, consenting HIV positive women were offered perinatal(More)
This study was conducted to determine L-carnitine levels in regularly transfused and chelated beta thalassemia patients (n=40; mean age, 17.5+/-5.0 years). Ten age matched controls were also studied. The mean L-carnitine level in thalassemic patients was 23.71+/- 7.3 microM as compared to control 29.26+/-2.37 microM (P<0.0001). Mean carnitine was(More)
With the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic showing a shift towards women and young people, the increasing seroprevalence among women will result in an increase in the mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The vast majority of HIV-positive children worldwide acquire the infection through vertical transmission. The discovery of successful(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate changes in annual blood transfusion requirements and complications after splenectomy in patients with β-thalassemia. METHODS Forty post-splenectomy β-thalassemic patients aged 8-33 y, receiving regular blood transfusions and chelation therapy were included and non transfusion dependant patients were excluded from this retrospective(More)