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For organisations to realise the potential from Enterprise Systems (ES), users must play an active role in adapting to processes and technology. To adapt to new processes and technologies, users must be empowered. Empowerment has been studied for over two decades across various disciplines and applied in practice. However, a review of the empowerment(More)
UNLABELLED Acute viral hepatitis resulting due to hepatitis E viral infection (AVH-E) is often serious in pregnancy and could result in acute liver failure (ALF). The role of monocytes and macrophages (mono-macs) in the pathogenesis of AVH-E and development of ALF-E in pregnancy is unclear. We investigated the functions of mono-macs in pregnant (P), AVH-E(More)
BACKGROUND Acute viral hepatitis E (AVH-E) can often result in acute liver failure (ALF) during pregnancy. microRNAs serve as mediators in drug induced liver failure. We investigated their role as a biomarker in predicting ALF due to HEV (ALF-E). METHODS We performed next generation sequencing and subsequent validation studies in PBMCs of pregnant (P)(More)
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