Rasheed Gbenga Jimoh

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Planning has been identified as a roadmap to success as failing to plan implies planning for failure. Information about future happenings is instrumental to efficient and effective planning. Effect of natural disaster such as flooding, drought etc. can only be prevented with effective planning. Forecast of the future happenings is crucial in this regard.(More)
A lot has gone into research aimed at establishing design guidelines to guide developers in developing mobile applications usable by low literate and novice users due to their technological inclination. However, despite quite a number of valuable usability constraints unveiled, corresponding recommenda‐ tions made and a list of synthesized design guidelines(More)
Prolonging the network lifetime in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), Clustering has been recognized has one of the significant methods in achieving this, It entails grouping of sensor nodes into clusters and electing cluster heads (CHs) for all the clusters. CH’s accept data from relevant cluster’s nodes and forward the aggregate data to base station. A main(More)
Death is an inevitable end that comes only when it comes. Part of the preparation to death is ensuring that one’s assets are shared among the benefactors without rancor. Islam has defined the sharing formula of the properties of the deceased. The concept of inheritance from Islamic perspectives calls for no debate. The major challenge is how to get this(More)
The use of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has become an important tool among commercial banks, customers of banks have come to depend on and trust the ATM conveniently meet their banking needs. Although the overwhelming advantages of ATM cannot be over-emphasized, its alarming fraud rate has become a bottleneck in it’s full adoption in Nigeria. This study(More)
Increase demand by all and sundry for internet and share network, has enhanced the development of various network technology that has linked together different people of different motives, consequently it has paved way for malicious and unauthorized user to intrude into information resources of organization. As a result of the advantage embedded in the(More)
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