Rashad Syed

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Aging is associated with progressive decline in energetic reserves compromising cardiac performance and tolerance to injury. Although deviations in mitochondrial functions have been documented in senescent heart, the molecular bases for the decline in energy metabolism are only partially understood. Here, high-throughput transcription profiles of genes(More)
A biofilter made using volcanic pumice soil from a landfill in Taupo, New Zealand has been found to mitigate CH4 emissions from New Zealand dairy effluent ponds. However, the biofilter after drying out following almost 5 years of use removed little or no CH4. Furthermore, H2S present in the biogas (from the dairy effluent ponds) had increased the acidity(More)
May-Thurner syndrome is a rarely diagnosed condition in which patients develop iliofemoral deep venous thrombosis (DVT) due to an anatomical variant in which the right common iliac artery overlies and compresses the left common iliac vein against the lumbar spine. This variant has been shown to be present in over 20% of the population; however, it is rarely(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated the effective utility of volcanic pumice soil to mitigate both high and low levels of methane (CH4) emissions through the activity of both γ-proteobacterial (type I) and α-proteobacterial (type II) aerobic methanotrophs. However, the limited availability of volcanic pumice soil necessitates the assessment of other farm(More)
Mitigating methane (CH) emissions from New Zealand dairy effluent ponds using volcanic pumice soil biofilters has been found to be a promising technology. Because the soil column biofilter prototype previously used was cumbersome, here we assess the effectiveness of volcanic pumice soil-perlite biofilter media in a floating system to remove high(More)
Glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa receptor antagonists are powerful antiplatelet agents that are typically used in percutaneous coronary intervention. All three GP IIb/IIIa agents currently approved for use in the United States cause thrombocytopenia as a rare side effect. Abciximab is unique to the class in that it is a modified monoclonal antibody to the GP(More)
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