Rashad Ramzan

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In recent years, the wireless communication has evolved towards multi-function and multi-standard terminals. Reducing the number of external components and the reuse of both digital and RF functional blocks is a key feature when a single terminal has to process a multitude of standards with different data rates, modulation types, and frequency bands.(More)
The essentials of the on-chip loopback test for integrated RF transceivers are presented. The available on-chip baseband processor serves as a tester while the RF front-end is under test enabled by on-chip test attenuator and in some cases by an offset mixer, too. Various system-level tests, like bit error rate, error vector magnitude, or spectral(More)
In this paper we present two CMOS LNA blocks designed for integration with other RF frontend blocks for onchip test. Both of them are variants of the source degenerated LNA with embedded switches and/or a multiplexer, optimized with respect to their function and location. We discuss their functionality and performances in terms of test mode and the normal(More)
The paper presents a new technique of symbol error rate test (SER) for RF transceivers. A simple DSP algorithm implemented at the receiver baseband is introduced in terms of constellation correction, which is usually used to compensate for IQ imbalance. The test is oriented at detection of impairments in gain and noise figure in a transceiver frontend. The(More)
The electrocardiogram (ECG) is the most clinically accepted diagnostic tool used by physicians for interpreting the functional activity of the heart. The existing ECG machines require an expert-in-the-loop for identifying abnormalities in cardiac activity – commonly referred to as Arrhythmia – of a patient. The accuracy of diagnosis is directly dependent on(More)
The realization of Software Defined Radio (SDR) requires flexible RF front-end to accommodate multiple standards in different frequency bands. In this review paper, we survey the literature over the period 1995–2011 and discuss the state-of-the-art multiband and wideband LNAs in context of different receiver architectures suitable for SDR. Wideband and(More)
This paper presents the design and measurement of a stimulus generator suitable for on-chip RF test aimed at gain, 1-dB compression point (CP), and the blocking profile measurement. Implemented in a 90-nm complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS), the generator consists of two low-noise voltage-controlled ring oscillators (VCOs) and an adder. It can(More)