Rasha Thabit Mohammed

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Over the years, different watermarking techniques have been used for medical image authentication purposes. Some techniques have been presented to detect tampering in the medical image while others can also recover the tampered region after the tamper detection. Many of the previous medical image authentication schemes have successfully achieved their aims;(More)
Watermarking robustness is one of the major characteristics that influence the performance and applications of digital image watermarking. For copyright protection, the watermarking robustness must be increased without significantly degrading the visual quality of the host image. For this purpose, a watermarking algorithm is proposed in this paper. The(More)
Watermarking reversibility is one of the basic requirements for medical imaging, military imaging, and remote sensing applications. In these fields a slight change in the original image can lead to a significant difference in the final decision making process. However, the reversibility alone is not enough for practical applications because the hidden data(More)
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