Rasha S. Germain

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OBJECTIVE The evaluation of patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) with negative initial catheter-based angiography is a diagnostic challenge. Better diagnostic strategies based on hemorrhage patterns are needed. METHODS We retrospectively investigated the yield of focused history taking, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and cervical spine,(More)
OBJECTIVE The CO2 laser has a long record of use in neurosurgery. However, its utility has been limited by its bulky design and the challenge of using it with the operating microscope. With the development of the OmniGuide fiber, a technology that delivers the beam through flexible hollow-core photonic bandgap mirrors, the laser can now be held and used(More)
OBJECTIVE To present a case of a cavernous malformation presenting with a subdural hematoma. METHODS A 27-year-old woman was admitted with progressively worsening headache, vomiting, weakness, and word-finding difficulties 1 week after she was discharged from an outside hospital, where she was managed conservatively for a presumed traumatic subdural(More)
Complementary and genomic DNA for the murine transferrin receptor 2 (TfR2) were cloned and mapped to chromosome 5. Northern blot analysis showed that high levels of expression of murine TfR2 occurred in the liver, whereas expression of TfR1 in the liver was relatively low. During liver development, TfR2 was up-regulated and TfR1 was down-regulated. During(More)
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