Rasha Ahmad Elmansy

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This study aimed to evaluate the extent of remodelling of intra-decidual segments of the spiral arteries in human deciduas between the 6th and 10th gestational weeks in women with unexplained recurrent miscarriages (RM) in comparison to gestational-matched controls. A possible association with the number, immunoexpressive behaviour and ultrastructural(More)
OBJECTIVE Bilateral orchidectomy is widely used as a treatment in patients with metastatic prostatic cancer, but post-orchidectomy osteoporosis is a common sequel which is commonly treated by postoperative calcitonin injection. Since the increase in the invasiveness of malignant prostatic cells has been attributed to the use of calcitonin, this study was(More)
OBJECTIVE The present work was aimed at studying the ultra structural changes of the proximal (retinal) stump of the intracranially transected optic nerve of the rat for any possible regenerative ability. METHODS Specimens were collected one (1 wpo) and four weeks(4 wpo) after the transection and the cross sections of the stumps were studied by electron(More)
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