Rasha A Kamel

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To estimate the degree of agreement between 3-dimensional sonohysterography (3D-SHG) and vaginoscopic hysteroscopy (VH) in detection of uterine cavity abnormalities in patients with recurrent implantation failure in in vitro fertilization cycles. DESIGN Comparative observational cross-sectional study (Canadian Task Force classification(More)
The distribution of electrophoretic fractions of hexokinase (HK E.C. in extracts of 53 human primary tumors, homologous normal tissues and fetal organs was investigated. It was found that the fraction HK II is present in every malignant tumor and in placenta tissue. Die Verteilung elektrophoretischer Fraktionen der Hexokinase (HK, E.C.:
We present in this paper the first report about identification of several fractions of phosphoglycerate mutase (PGlyM) activity using starch gel electrophoresis and two different buffer systems. A typical muscle form of PGlyM was detected. It is also shown that isozymes of phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK) can be separated through the buffer system used by(More)
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