Rasa Sukackaite

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DNA cytosine methylation is a widespread epigenetic mark. Biological effects of DNA methylation are mediated by the proteins that preferentially bind to 5-methylcytosine (5mC) in different sequence contexts. Until now two different structural mechanisms have been established for 5mC recognition in eukaryotes; however, it is still unknown how discrimination(More)
Type IIS restriction endonucleases (REases) recognize asymmetric DNA sequences and cleave both DNA strands at fixed positions downstream of the recognition site. REase BpuJI recognizes the asymmetric sequence 5'-CCCGT, however it cuts at multiple sites in the vicinity of the target sequence. We show that BpuJI is a dimer, which has two DNA binding surfaces(More)
Ser/Thr phosphorylation in proteins is fundamental to signal transduction processes in cells. Malfunction of these processes contributes to the development and progress of diseases. The phosphorylation of proteins on Ser and Thr residues is mediated by protein Ser/Thr kinases, whereas protein Ser/Thr phosphatases (PSTPs) hydrolyze protein-bound(More)
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