Raquel da Silva Aragão

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Growth and development events are observed in all organisms and can be modified by exogenous factors such as nutritional changes. Drastic morphological and functional alterations may occur during a vulnerable stage of development. The aim of this study was to investigate if malnutrition and/or fluoxetine neonatal treatment program alterations in heart(More)
The use of biomechanical methods to quantify functional/physiological parameters in malnourished humans can provide new insights into the understanding of effects of malnutrition on human muscles. Therefore, a transportable ankle ergometer device was developed, which allows the quantification of mechanical properties of the human plantarflexor muscles in(More)
Automatic analysis of locomotion in studies of behavior and development is of great importance because it eliminates the subjective influence of evaluators on the study. This study aimed to develop and test the reproducibility of a system for automated analysis of locomotor activity in rats. For this study, 15 male Wistar were evaluated at P8, P14, P17,(More)
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