Raquel Vigolvino Lopes

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—The energy costs of running computer systems are a growing concern: for large data centers, recent estimates put these costs higher than the cost of hardware itself. As a consequence, energy efficiency has become a pervasive theme for designing, deploying, and operating computer systems. This paper evaluates the energy trade-offs brought by data(More)
Dynamic provisioning systems change application capacity in order to use enough resources to accommodate current load. Rejuve-nation systems detect/forecast software failures and temporarily remove one or more components of the application in order to bring them to a clean state. Up to now, these systems have been developed unaware of one another. However,(More)
We consider the problem of managing a hybrid computing infrastructure whose processing elements are comprised of in-house dedicated machines, virtual machines acquired on-demand from a cloud computing provider through short-term reservation contracts, and virtual machines made available by the remote peers of a best-effort peer-to-peer (P2P) grid. Each of(More)