Raquel Vaquero-Cristóbal

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The aims of this study were (a) to determine and compare the concurrent hamstring criterion-related validity of the sit-and-reach (SR) and toe-touch (TT) tests in different athletes (tennis players, kayakers, canoeists, and cyclists); (b) to determine the criterion-related validity of the pelvic tilt assessed by the Spinal Mouse system as a measure of(More)
INTRODUCTION Nowadays, in developed countries there are standards of beauty based on pro-thin models, which are internalized by adolescents and young people especially in the case of women, assuming it as risk factor for developing changes in body image and perception. OBJECTIVE To analyze the current state of research in relation to body image, the(More)
The aims of this study were: 1) to determine the differences in hamstring extensibility between kneeling and forward legs in a group of canoeists; 2) to compare hamstring extensibility between canoeists and kayakers; and 3) to compare the sagittal spinal posture and pelvic tilt in the maximal trunk flexion with knees extended in kayakers and canoeists.(More)
INTRODUCTION Dietary habits and body composition are possibly two of the most modifiable aspects that influence athletic performance in competition and training, especially in individual sports. OBJECTIVE To determine Mediterranean diet adherence in a group of elite women paddlers and the relationship between these variables with anthropometric parameters(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the thoracic and lumbar curvatures and pelvic tilt in relaxed standing and maximal trunk flexion among highlytrained young athletes from three different sports disciplines. Thirty-two male canoeists, 30 male kayakers and 24 male tennis players were recruited for the study. The Spinal Mouse® system was used to measure the(More)
INTRODUCTION Pilates includes a high volume of hamstring stretching and maximal trunk flexion with knees extended exercises. OBJECTIVE to perform a systematic review about Pilates practice effects and a detraining period on hamstring extensibility, pelvic tilt and trunk flexion in maximal trunk flexion with knees extended. METHOD it was analysed all the(More)
INTRODUCTION Overweight and obesity are increasing at an alarming rate among older people. This is mainly because this population is predominantly sedentary. The aim of this study was to classify, according to the body mass index (BMI), a group of older active women and to evaluate the different basic physical abilities as a function of this. MATERIAL AND(More)
The objective of this research was to determine the kinematic variables evolution in a sprint canoeing maximal test over 200 m, comparing women and men kayak paddlers and men canoeists. Speed evolution, cycle frequency, cycle length and cycle index were analysed each 50 m section in fifty-two young paddlers (20 male kayakers, 17 female kayakers and 15 male(More)
INTRODUCTION lumbo-sacral posture and the sit-andreach score have been proposed as measures of hamstring extensibility. However, the validity is influenced by sample characteristics. OBJECTIVE to determine the validity of lumbo-horizontal angle and score in the sit-and-reach test as measures of hamstring extensibility in older women. METHOD a hundred(More)
INTRODUCTION previous studies have analysed the effect of mat Pilates practice on anthropometric variables and body composition in sedentaries. To date no researchs have investigated the benefits of Pilates on these variables after a short detraining period. OBJETIVE to determine the effect of a 16-week mat Pilates program on anthropometric variables,(More)