Raquel Sampaio Oliveira

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Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a gram-positive spore-forming soil bacterium that is distributed worldwide. Originally recognized as a pathogen of the silkworm, several strains were found on epizootic events in insect pests. In the 1960s, Bt began to be successfully used to control insect pests in agriculture, particularly because of its specificity, which(More)
BACKGROUND The activity of the major digestive cysteine proteinase detected in the intestinal tract of larvae of the bean weevil, Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say), was efficiently inhibited by the well-characterized cysteine proteinase synthetic inhibitor E-64 and also by a recombinant form of chagasin (r-chagasin), a tight-binding cysteine proteinase(More)
Here, we report the complete genome sequence of the BeAn 58058 virus (prototype) strain, isolated from a wild rodent Oryzomys sp. in the Utinga forest, Belém, state of Pará, Brazil in 1963. The genome of this virus showed similarity to the Poxviridae family, suggesting its inclusion in a possible new genus.
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