Raquel Rivera

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To compare the efficacy of Carpentier's tricuspid annuloplasty with De Vega's, we prospectively randomized 159 patients, operated upon between January, 1977, and January, 1980, to one of the two techniques: 76 patients were assigned to the Carpentier group and 83 to the De Vega group. The criterion for inclusion in the study was the presence of moderate to(More)
BACKGROUND There are few data on the prevalence of obesity in the general psoriasis population and on the real impact of obesity on the management of psoriasis patients in the clinical setting. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the prevalence of overweight and obesity in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis compared to the general population and to assess the(More)
The first of a second generation of slow-release injectable contraceptives is the norethindrone (NET) microspheres with a 90-day duration of action. It was evaluated at 65-mg and 100-mg doses for safety and contraceptive effectiveness in two randomized, single-blind trials among 131 women: 94 women for 12 months and 37 women for 6 months. The 6-month trial(More)
We report two cases in which the pertinent angiographic studies disclosed the presence of hydatid cysts of the left ventricle, producing complete obstruction of the left anterior descending coronary artery in one patient and of the left anterior descending coronary artery and the circumflex coronary artery in the other patient. Both patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Biobadaderm is the Spanish registry of psoriasis patients receiving systemic treatment in clinical practice. OBJECTIVE To compare the safety of biologics and classic systemic treatment. METHODS Prospective cohort of patients receiving biologics and classic systemic therapies between 2008 and 2013 in 12 hospitals are included. We registered(More)
BACKGROUND Identifying patients likely to have very good or bad results from systemic psoriasis therapy could improve efficiency of therapy. OBJECTIVE To develop prognostic models for good or bad response to classic systemic drugs, anti-TNFs, and ustekinumab in psoriasis. METHODS Multivariable logistic regression of a prospective multicenter cohort of(More)
Within 30 days of acute myocardial infarction, 108 consecutive patients underwent urgent surgical myocardial revascularization for postinfarction angina between July 1976 and March 1983. There were 84 men and 24 women whose mean age was 59.6 +/- 9.5 years (range 34 to 80). Group I (15 patients, 14%) underwent surgery within 48 hours, Group II (47 patients,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the use of systemic therapy for psoriasis (biologic and nonbiologic [classic] drugs) in patients not adequately represented in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and the risk of serious adverse events (SAEs) in these patients. DESIGN A registry inception cohort was used. SETTING Thirteen dermatology departments in Spain(More)