Raquel Quirós

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Biotransformation of ent-3beta,12alpha-dihydroxy-13-epi-manoyl oxide with Fusarium moniliforme gave the regioselective oxidation of the hydroxyl group at C-3 and the ent-7beta-hydroxylation. The action of Gliocladium roseum in the 3,12-diketoderivative originated monohydroxylations at C-1 and C-7, both by the ent-beta face, while Rhizopus nigricans produced(More)
To study the relationships between the biomass of reservoir communities and to examine the differences between reservoirs with different fish assemblages, we used limnological and fish data for 31 Argentinean reservoirs. Despite conspicuous systemic differences with lakes, reservoirs dominated by visual zooplanktivorous fishes have had phytoplankton biomass(More)
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