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In the course of a study on the early events of cambial derivative differentiation in Populus × euramericana, seasonal changes in the pattern of pectin methylesterase (PME, EC isoforms were followed. During the resting season, cell wall extracts contained mainly alkaline isoforms with an Mr around 55 kDa and optimal pH between 5.6 and 6.0. Neutral(More)
BACKGROUND The health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of asthmatic children and their caregivers is correlated to management of the disease and the presence of certain morbidity indicators. The integral assessment of paediatric asthma must include the evaluation of HRQoL among the caregivers, although existing questionnaires only partially assess the(More)
The fine structure of a beta-)1----4)-linked glucomannan from Asparagus officinalis has been determined by n.m.r. analysis of the oligosaccharides obtained by acidic and enzymic hydrolyses. Cleavage of the glucomannan with beta-D-mannase from Aspergillus niger and purification by h.p.l.c. gave oligosaccharide fractions that contained Man (mannose), GlcMan(More)
Vitrification of internodes of carnation was brought about by culturing in liquid medium. Cell wall extensibility of these internodes was kinetically followed in comparison to that of normal plants using the constant stress method. Liquid culture induced increased immediate and total deformation capacities of the walls from the second day. Measurements(More)
Spontaneous growth was studied in excised mung bean (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.) hypocotyl segments. Measurements were made with a growth-recording apparatus using displacement transducers on single 5- to 6-millimeter samples excised from the growth zone immediately below the hook.Even for a given zone and under controlled experimental conditions, there are(More)
INTRODUCTION In recent years different neuropsychological batteries have been developed to assess cognitive performance in schizophrenia. However, no test has been validated in Spanish for this purpose. The Barcelona Test has been one of the tests used. This present article has aimed to present a specific neurocognitive battery for schizophrenia by(More)
A β-1,3-endoglucanase (mol. wt. 43,000 and pI around 7) was immunolocalized in outer epidermal cell walls and pericycle walls in the elongation zone of mung bean hypocotyls. Hypocotyl segments infiltrated with anti-β-1,3-endoglucanase antibodies show a clear reduction in their auxin-induced elongation when the auxin treatment was maintained for a long(More)
Infiltration of the intercellular gas space is often used in physiological experimentation either to reach internal targets with various biochemical probes or to extract molecules from the apoplast. Such investigations require a good understanding of the organization and structure of the gas space system. This system was studied in the mung bean hypocotyl(More)