Raquel Lucas

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In view of the close relationship of Portugal with African countries, particularly former Portuguese colonies, the diagnosis of malaria is not a rare thing. When a traveller returns ill from endemic areas, malaria should be the number one suspect. World Health Organization treatment guidelines recommend that adults with severe malaria should be admitted to(More)
Patterns in the use of medicines are expected to reflect distinct health features between populations. This study aimed to describe the self-reported use of medication by a sample of university students in Maputo, Mozambique. We conducted a survey of 797 students in a private university in Maputo. Participants completed a questionnaire including(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective radiographical study of sagittal standing posture among adults consecutively recruited from the general population. OBJECTIVE To analyze the relation of suboptimal sagittal standing posture with back pain and health-related quality of life in general adult males and females. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Clinical studies have(More)
BACKGROUND Fracture healing is orchestrated by a specific set of events that culminates in the repair of bone and reachievement of its biomechanical properties. The aim of our work was to study the sequence of gene expression events involved in inflammation and bone remodeling occurring in the early phases of callus formation in osteoporotic patients. (More)
INTRODUCTION We aimed to describe the pharmacological management of osteoporosis in the general population, with emphasis on the inclusion of calcium supplementation. METHODS We interviewed 1511 participants in an evaluation of a cohort of Portuguese adults. Antiresorptive therapy and calcium supplementation in the previous year were recorded.(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the frequency of rheuma­tic diseases in Portugal through a systematic review of published literature, critically appraising available information and identifying data collection gaps. METHODS We systematically reviewed the literature to retrieve data on the occurrence of rheumatic diseases in Portugal through MEDLINE and Índex das(More)
Metabolic responses to exercise differ between Andalusian horses and other breeds, although changes in plasma muscle enzymes have not been reported and most useful information is obtained from animals subjected to different training programmes. The objectives of this study were to 1) describe the changes in plasma enzymes during exercise in different horse(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe HIV testing behaviour and context of MSM in Portugal participating in the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS). METHODS Data for the Portuguese sample were extracted and those for 5187 participants were analysed. Multivariate logistic regression models were fitted to quantify the association between participants' characteristics and(More)
HIV incidence in men who have sex with men (MSM) is increasing in western countries, including Portugal. We aimed to estimate HIV incidence and to assess how individual short-term changes in exposures over time predict seroconversion. We evaluated participants of an open cohort of HIV-negative MSM enrolled after testing at a community-based voluntary HIV(More)