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The present work demonstrates that silica treatment represents a suitable in vivo method to evaluate the role of host phagocytic hemocytes in the mechanisms of resistance to parasitic infection.(More)
Lectins/carbohydrate binding can be involved in the Schistosoma mansoni recognition and activation of the Biomphalaria hemocytes. Therefore, expression of lectin ligands on Biomphalaria hemocytes(More)
Aiming to further characterize the haemocyte subsets in Biomphalaria snails, we have performed a detailed flow cytometric analysis of whole haemolymph cellular components using a multiparametric dual(More)
The outcome of the interaction between Biomphalaria and Schistosoma mansoni depends on the response of the host internal defence system (IDS) and the escape mechanisms of the parasite. The aim of(More)
High doses of gamma radiation (10 Krad) in Biomphalaria tenagophila snails (Taim strain), which have been found to be resistant to Schistosoma mansoni, were not sufficient to impair their resistance(More)
In this work, we present the in vitro schistosomicidal activity evaluation of the most active dichloromethane fraction (FDm) (ED50=83.5μg/mL) and of a mixture of the major alkaloids(More)