Raquel L. Lieberman

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13 leven-binding myeloma proteins (LBMP) of BALB/c origin were classified into two groups with different binding specificities; one group of 11 proteins bound beta2 leads to 1 fructosans, a second group of two proteins bound fructosans probably of beta2 leads to 6 linkage. Anti-idiotypic sera prepared to 10 of the proteins in the appropriate strains of mice(More)
The antibody response to the inulin [(In), beta-(2 leads to 1) fructosan] determinant of bacterial levan [(BL), a beta-(2 leads to 6) polyfructosan that contains beta-(2 leads to 1) branch points] requires the presence of the a haplotype of the Igh gene complex. BALB/c (Igh a) mice immunized with BL produce IgG anti-In antibodies of a single spectrotype by(More)
Idiotypes of inulin-binding myeloma proteins (InuBMP) were determined primarly by variable region light chains (VL) or by variable region heavy chains (VH) but needed both chains to be expressed. Recombinant molecules were used to show that individual idiotypes (IdI) of U61, E109, T957, and A4 InuBMP and cross-specific idiotypes (IdXB) of U61 were primarily(More)
Upon heterologous overexpression, many proteins misfold or aggregate, thus resulting in low functional yields. Human acetylcholinesterase (hAChE), an enzyme mediating synaptic transmission, is a typical case of a human protein that necessitates mammalian systems to obtain functional expression. We developed a computational strategy and designed an AChE(More)
[1] We present direct observations of nonmigrating diurnal tides in the 90–270 km range inferred from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) wind imaging interferometer (WINDII). A prominent zonal wavenumber 4 appears in daytime zonal winds, extending to 180 km. We interpret this signature as an eastward‐propagating diurnal wavenumber 3 (DE3) viewed(More)
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