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In the framework of the DIHANA project, we present the acquisition process of a spontaneous speech dialogue corpus in Spanish. The selected application consists of information retrieval by telephone for nationwide trains. A total of 900 dialogues from 225 users were acquired using the Wizard of Oz technique. In this work, we present the design and planning(More)
In this paper, a task of human-machine interaction based on speech is presented. The specific task consists on the use and control of a set of home appliances through a turn-based dialogue system. This work focuses on the first part of the dialogue system, the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system. Two lines of work are taken into account to improve the(More)
The main goal of this work is to study if a language model based on categories could improve the performance of a dialogue system application as it does when not spontaneous and bigger English corpora are used. Firstly, several sets of categories, which are generated on the basis of different classification criteria, are obtained. Then, for each criterion,(More)