Raquel Hernández

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PURPOSE To evaluate the long-term outcomes of the classical Cloward procedure in single-level cervical spondylosis. METHODS A retrospective study of 28 patients who were affected by cervical degenerative spondylosis at C4-C7 segments and treated by the Cloward technique at a single level from 1985-1995 was conducted. The average follow-up period was 22(More)
The ideal treatment of trigeminal neuralgia is still an open question. A recent large series reporting the results from the three available percutaneous techniques has been reviewed. Fifty consecutive cases, treated from January 1984 to January 1985, are reported. Microcompression was performed as the first approach in all cases. The other techniques were(More)
A case of post-traumatic cruciate paralysis with a Jefferson's fracture was observed in a 54-year-old patient who fell accidentally. Cruciate or Bell's paralysis is a condition caused by incomplete cervical spinal cord lesion linked to focal and reversible damage of the pyramidal tract at the level of the decussation. The patient was treated by S.O.M.I.(More)
A newborn infant who suffered intra-uterine anoxia is described, whose mother inhaled butane gas accidentally during the sixth month of pregnancy. The infant was born at 39 weeks. Ultrasonography and neuroradiological studies (CT scan and angiography) showed an almost complete absence of both cerebral hemispheres. The thalamus, brainstem and cerebellum were(More)
The use of Halifax interlaminar clamps in posterior arthrodesis for atlanto-axial instabilities has recently been reported. The four Anderson II fractures submitted were surgically treated by posterior arthrodesis with Halifax clamps and bilateral "H" shaped bone-grafts obtained from the iliac crest. Only in the first case--initially treated without(More)
INTRODUCTION AND CLINICAL CASE A 65 year-old man, right-handed, without any family history of left handiness, suddenly developed a left homonymous hemianopia and incapacity for reading. Neurological and neuropsychological examinations showed the presence of a profound alexia with preservation of writing to dictation and spontaneously. He was unable to read(More)