Raquel Ferreira

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Mutations of the PROP-1 gene are the most frequent genetic defect in patients with combined pituitary hormone insufficiency. We present the cases of 2 siblings with PROP-1 mutations whom we observed longitudinally. Their initial pituitary MR imaging examinations showed identical findings: an enlarged adenohypophysis, with striking hypointensity on(More)
Recurrent right-sided heart failure after pericardiectomy may be caused by incomplete pericardiectomy, recurrent constriction, diastolic dysfunction or myocardial involvement. Identifying recurrent constrictive pericarditis (CP) in patients who have recurring symptoms after pericardiectomy is challenging, since the characteristic Doppler echocardiographic(More)
Cardiac surgery for structural heart disease (often involving the left atrium) and radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation have led to an increased incidence of regular atrial tachycardias, often presenting as atypical flutters. This type of flutter is particularly common after pulmonary vein isolation, especially after extensive atrial(More)
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