Raquel Fernandez

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We develop a private-information model of union contract negotiations in which disputes signal a firm's willingness to pay. Previous models have assumed that all labor disputes take the form of a strike. Yet a prominent feature of U.S. collective bargaining is the holdout: negotiations often continue without a strike after the contract has expired.(More)
  • David Yanagizawa-Drott, Jfk St, John F Kennedy, Robert H Bates, Tim Besley, Raquel Fernandez +10 others
  • 2014
This paper investigates the role of mass media in times of conflict and state-sponsored mass violence against civilians. We use a unique village-level dataset from the Rwandan Genocide to estimate the impact of a popular radio station that encouraged violence against the Tutsi minority population. The results show that the broadcasts had a significant(More)
In many emerging democracies women are less likely to vote than men and, when they do vote, are more likely to follow the wishes of male household and clan heads. We assess the impact of a voter awareness campaign on female turnout, candidate choice and party vote shares. Geographic clusters within villages were randomly assigned to treatment or control,(More)
  • Martin Nybom, Jan Stuhler, Robert Erikson, David Green, Raquel Fernandez, Raffaella Giaco-Mini +9 others
  • 2014
We show that events in previous generations can explain contemporaneous shifts in intergenerational mobility. We first study the dynamic response of income mobility to structural changes in a model of intergenerational transmission. Mobility today depends on past policies and institutions, such that major reforms may generate long-lasting mobility trends(More)
We investigate jointly the importance of contemporary country-level institutional structures and local ethnic-specific pre-colonial institutions in shaping comparative regional development in Africa. We utilize information on the spatial distribution of African ethnicities before colonization and regional variation in contemporary economic performance, as(More)
Tactile spatial acuity (TSA) is a reliable and reproducible measure of somatosensory system function that has been used to study abroad range of subject populations. Although TSA is most often assessed at the fingertip, published studies employing identical stimuli disagree on whether TSA differs between the fingers of neurologically normal subjects. Using(More)
PURPOSE Growing evidence suggests that temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is a network disease. In this view, the seizure focus may produce measurable deficits in specific cortical functions. METHODS A tactile grating orientation (GrOr) discrimination task associated with parietal lobe function was administered at the index fingertip to 15 subjects with(More)
The union participation rate in the U.S. has declined rapidly from 34% in 1973 to 9.2% in 2007 while wage inequality has increased. In this paper we develop a parsimonious model of endogenous union membership that is consistent with (i) a hump-shaped union participation rate with respect to skill, (ii) positive and significant wage gains to union members,(More)
Compositional distributional models of meaning were introduced by Coecke et al. (2010, 2013) with the aim of reconciling the theory of distributional meaning in terms of vector space semantics with the theory of compositional interpretation as one finds it in typelogical grammars. The particular typelogical formalisms employed by Coecke et al. (pregroup(More)
We study information acquisition from peers when agents' actions balance adaptation and coordination motives. Agents acquire information personally and may obtain additional information by connecting to other agents. Although equally informative regarding adaptation, the source's relative position in the information structure is relevant to form(More)