Raquel Espinoza

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Constructing component-based software using reusable components is becoming a widely used approach. Since the quality of a component-based system is highly dependent on the quality of its components, component quality validation becomes very critical to both component vendors and users. Effectively validating component quality needs adequate test models and(More)
Designing the decision-making engine of a team of robots is a challenging task, not only due to the complexity of the environment where the robots usually perform their task, which include uncertainty, dynamism and imprecision, but also because the coordination of the team must be included in this design. The robots must be aware of other robots’ actions to(More)
Children are keen users of new technologies and new technologies can provide interesting opportunities to enrich children’s experience, e.g., for educational and therapeutic purposes.As children are not small adults, it is necessary to research their specific needs and develop systems that address them. The aliz-e project6 develops cognitive robots for(More)
Using Multi-Activity Switching to Engage Young Users Alexandre Coninx, Paul Baxter, Elettra Oleari, Sara Bellini, Bert Bierman, Olivier Blanson Henkemans, Lola Cañamero, Piero Cosi, Valentin Enescu, Raquel Ros Espinoza, Antoine Hiolle, Rémi Humbert, Bernd Kiefer, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Rosemarijn Looije, Marco Mosconi, Mark Neerincx, Giulio Paci, Georgios(More)
The CMDASH’05 team follows our past teams CMPack’04, CMPack’03, CMPack’02, CMPack’01, CMPack’00, CMTrio’99, and CMTrio’98 [27, 19, 30, 29]. This is our second year of using the Sony ERS-7 robotic platform. We have continued our research into new ways of modeling the world and maintained our focus on robust behaviors and cooperation. In this paper, we(More)
As more third-party software components are available in the commercial market, more people begin to use the component-based software engineering approach to developing component-based programs. Since most ebusiness and e-commerce application systems are net-centered distributed systems, customers usually have very restricted system performance(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate cytology laboratories and the performance of cytotechnologists for establishing efficient external quality control for Mexico's National Program for the Prevention and Control of Cervical Cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS During January and February 1998, an onsite evaluation of all cytology laboratories of the Ministry of Health found(More)
We describe the social characteristics of a robot developed to support children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) in the process of education and care. We evaluated the perception of the robot at a summer camp where diabetic children aged 10-14 experienced the robot in group interactions. Children in the intervention condition additionally interacted(More)
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