Raquel Duque do Nascimento Arifa

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The inflammatory response plays a crucial role in infectious diseases, and the intestinal microbiota is linked to maturation of the immune system. However, the association between microbiota and the response against fungal infections has not been elucidated. Our aim was to evaluate the influence of microbiota on Cryptococcus gattii infection. Germ-free(More)
Irinotecan is a useful chemotherapeutic for the treatment of various cancers. Irinotecan treatment is associated with mucositis, which clearly limits the use of the drug. Mechanisms that account for mucositis are only partially known. This study assessed mechanisms and the role of inflammasome activation in irinotecan-induced mucositis. Mucositis in mice(More)
This study aimed to investigate the modulation of nitric oxide/reactive oxygen species in sodium nitroprusside relaxation in mice aorta. Sodium nitroprusside induced relaxation in endothelium-intact (e+) and endothelium-denuded (e-) aortas with greater potency in e+ than in e-. The nitric oxide synthase inhibitor did not alter the sodium nitroprusside(More)
Irinotecan is a useful chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of several solid tumors. However, this therapy is associated with side effects, including leukopenia and mucositis. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) activate inflammatory pathways and contribute to Irinotecan-induced mucositis. Fullerol is a nanocomposite with anti-oxidant properties that may(More)
Hepatic diseases are comorbidities caused by obesity and are influenced by diet composition. The aim of this study was to evaluate the kinetics of metabolic and inflammatory liver dysfunction induced by a high-refined carbohydrate-containing (HC) diet and to determine how platelet-activating factor (PAF) modulates the liver lipid content of mice. BALB/c(More)
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