Raquel Correia de Medeiros

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Dilute-acid hydrolysis of brewery's spent grain to obtain a pentose-rich fermentable hydrolysate was investigated. The influence of operational conditions on polysaccharide hydrolysis was assessed by the combined severity parameter (CS) in the range of 1.39-3.06. When the CS increased, the pentose sugars concentration increased to a maximum at a CS of 1.94,(More)
A brewery spent-grain hemicellulosic hydrolysate was used for xylitol production by Debaryomyces hansenii. Addition of 6 g yeast extract/l increased the xylitol yield to 0.57 g/g, and productivity to 0.51 g/l h that were, respectively, 1.4 -and 1.8-times higher than the values obtained with non-supplemented hydrolysate. When corn steep liquor was combined(More)
This paper aims to evaluate in vitro the mechanical and microstructural properties of internal fixation systems used in oral and maxillofacial surgeries. Four brands of internal fixation systems (screws and 4-hole straight plates) were selected and assigned to four groups: G1 Leibinger®, G2 Tóride®, G3 Engimplan®, and G4 Medartis®. The systems were(More)
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